We are not your mother's jewelry store. 

Be unapologetically you.
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About Drummond Jewelers and Lapidary
We are not your mother's jewelry store.

When we started out we were selling loose gems and findings to wholesalers while dreaming of opening a retail store. Years passed and we finally got that brick and mortar high end shop. We filled it with impressive designer pieces with name brand recognition and the usual steep price tags. We spent years becoming Hampton's best kept secret.

In time we learned that posh is not us. It isn't you, either. In 2017, we decided to take another approach. We did away with half the cases filled with pre-fabbed goods and stopped the "sales" approach to business. Instead, we adopted a "service" approach, offering the Peninsula everything from appraisals to remounts to estate services.

No frills. No extras. No pressure. 

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